Our company started way back in 90. We were going on surf trips to Hawaii, Bali, Mexico, and more. We would find cool jewelry and apparel, bring it back and sell them at shows. We started off doing Reggae Festivals, MAGIC, Woodstock, Radio Shows, Coachella, Lollapolooza, and HORDE Tours. We were the only merch vendor to make the tour with Ozzy and Ozzfest From 1996 to 2008. We’ve seen and been through some wild times.

South Surf Seven is an innovative company that’s been riding on the cutting edge wave to bring you the latest styles. We deck out the rocker with custom jewelry, custom tops, lingerie, bikinis, shades, hats, bags and accessories. We are famous for our huge selection of body jewelry from gages to belly rings. We always offer the personal service to make sure you get the right size and style you need. Although based out of Dallas, TX, we are currently traveling the US as an official sponsor of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and the Uproar Festival. We’ve decided it was time to share our wares on the World Wide Web. So surf, shop and enjoy the unique items we have to offer.